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Backyard Pool Safety Laws & Codes

Spring is on the horizon and that means summer is not far behind. With the weather heating up, many homeowners finally choose to act on their longstanding plans to install their very own backyard in-ground or above ground pool A spring installation also means that you can get the full use of your new pool throughout the entire summer when it’s the hottest. But, before you go take the plunge as a pool owner, there is some key information, including laws and regulations, to keep in mind when planning this new addition to your home. Best Fence of Jacksonville is up to date on everything you need to know. Give them a call first to answer your pool and fencing related questions.

B.O.C.A is the national building code for barriers and fencing of swimming pools. The code details several requirements that must be met for outdoor private swimming pools. Two of the key requirements are that a barrier, any fence, dwelling wall or combination of two, must be at least four feet above the ground level of the swimming pool and that access gates to the swimming pool must be equipped to accommodate a locking device that sits on the pool side of the gate, out of a child’s reach. At Best Fence of Jacksonville, we offer a wide selection of high-strength, high-quality gate closures, and hinges. Our Lokk Latch Pro is a general purpose gravity latch that’s key lockable and can be designed to fit most traditional house keys. For good measure, we recommend the Magna-Latch™, a magnetically-triggered gate latch that never loses power and experiences no mechanical interference offering extreme reliability and child resistance. Some models of the Magna-Latch are also key-lockable for added safety.

The Resident Swimming Pool Safety Act requires that all outdoor private swimming pools built after October 1, 2000 meet a strict set of safety measures in order to help reduce drowning or near-drowning incidents. Ultimately, proper supervision is the biggest factor in reducing these incidents but in the case of lapses in supervision, the measures outlined in this act are designed to deny, delay or detect unsupervised entry into the swimming pool. A residential swimming pool barrier must meet all of the following requirements: The barrier must be at least four feet high, there may not be any gaps or openings, the barrier must be placed around the perimeter of the pool and it must be far enough away from the water’s edge such that someone cannot fall into the water if they manage to get through the barrier. The above requirements were set with safety in mind. As a result, failure to equip a new swimming pool with the safety features mentioned previously is considered a second-degree misdemeanor according to Florida law. That being said, it is important that you consult your local pool installation facility and local fencing company such as Best Fence of Jacksonville to ensure that your backyard oasis meets the various codes and regulations.

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