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Can a Fence Increase my Property Value?

It’s often up for debate whether adding a fence to your home will increase the property value. Well, we have great news for you. Fencing can indeed add value to your home by offering a variety of uses to a multitude of potential buyers. Keep reading to see why installing a fence is a great investment.

Potential home buyers see a fence as adding safety to a home. Keeping pets and children separated from the street is worth a lot for some buyers. Even if your house is not huge, a beautifully maintained, fenced in backyard can be perceived as added living space giving your house the feeling of being larger even without actual square-footage. These little things can make buyers feel like your house is worth what you are asking for it, whether or not it actually increases the appraised value of your house.

It might actually be more important to look at the problems associated with not having a fence. Since many people looking to buy a house have kids or pets, without a fence you could lose those potential buyers. Those who are interested in buying you house might offer less than asking price to make up for the money they will need to spend installing a fence. According to U.S. News, not having a fence can knock off up to 10 percent of your home’s value.

More good news is that according to, some fences can profit up to 50 percent! This is not always the case but shows that fencing can be profitable. The quality of both the fence material along with the quality of the installation can be the biggest factors for determining how much the fence is worth.

When choosing to add a fence to your home consider the style of fencing throughout your neighborhood. In most cases it is better to stick to the rest to the neighborhood to avoid making your fence standing out in a negative way. If you live in a neighborhood where everyone has high quality, privacy fences, adding a chain link fence will not do much to increase your property value.

One of the biggest things a fence adds to a home is in the aesthetic as well as a potential buyer’s first impression. Even if it does not add a significant amount of monetary value to your home, it can help sell your house faster. If you are not looking to sell your house right now, installing a vinyl or aluminum fence with the help of experts at Best Fence of Jacksonville can give you the benefits of having a fence now. Since these types of fences are long-lasting and very low maintenance they will be just like new whenever you’re ready to sell your house!

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