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Cleaning Your Aluminum Fence and Maintaining the Perimeter

When it comes to maintaining our homes, of course, it’s a no brainer. But, what about the fence that surrounds your home and the yard within it? It’s not only important to maintain the beauty of your home, but to also maintain exterior, including the landscape and fence. Best Fence Company of Jacksonville is proud to offer quality, durable Ornamental Aluminum Fences to complement your home and yard. Although, aluminum fencing from Best Fence requires little maintenance, we recommend following these easy steps to keep your fence in tip top shape for years to come.

Proper Materials

In order to correctly clean your Aluminum Fence, you must be properly equipped. Several necessary tools to arm yourself with are a water hose, a soft scrub brush, a bucket of soapy water and a tree or hedge trimmer.

Ready to Work?

Cleaning an Aluminum Fence does not require a substantial amount of hard work; it is relatively easy. Cleaning metal fences such as aluminum, steel, and chain link is very simple and does not require much time/effort to complete. Spraying water and using soap should generally do the trick when cleaning your Aluminum Fence, but there may be certain times when a little “elbow grease” is required to finish the job. And that is the reason for having a soft scrub brush.

Haircut Time

Trees, shrubs and hedges can grow within your fence and create form problems with your fence if they are not properly maintained. This is why it is important to regularly trim them back if you notice that they are starting to grow over and within your fence. And besides trimming them to maintain the quality of your fence, trimming your trees, shrubs and hedges help to improve the overall appearance of your yard.


How often should I clean my Aluminum Fence? Well, the answer for that is going vary from person to person. However, for maximum results, it is recommended that your Aluminum Fence is cleaned at least once a year. However, you can also wash your fence on an as-needed basis. Now when it comes to trimming the accessories in your yard – trees, shrubs and hedges – you will want to assess the situation and maintenance them accordingly. It is warm here in the residential communities of Jacksonville and Nocatee, sometimes even in the winter, so during those warmer months, you will probably have to trim and maintain your yard more than you would if you lived in a cooler area.

Best Fence Company of Jacksonville’s Ornamental Aluminum Fences are maintenance free. They are constructed with heavy wall aluminum extrusions, and finished in polyester powder coating. Best Fence’s Aluminum Fencing finish has been tested in Florida’s hot, humid, high salt environment and surpasses the 3000 hour salt spray test. Our powder coating is twice as thick, twice as hard as baked on enamel finishes, and is much more durable. Your new aluminum fence will look beautiful for years to come. Unfortunately, the only thing your fence can’t do is clean itself. We’ve done our part, it’s time to do yours!

Best Fence Jacksonville works hard to provide you with the Best price, the Best quality product and the Best service you deserve. Best Fence provides a lifetime warranty on products from the manufacturer and 3-year warranties on installation.

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“We work hard to provide you with the Best price, the Best quality product and the Best service you deserve”

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