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DIY Fence Installation Mistakes

Installing a fence may appear to be a simple task, however, it’s important to contact a professional such as Best Fence to properly install your fence to avoid running into many mistakes when ascending the walls around the yard. Below are some of the most common fence installation mistakes that homeowners make.


Many who try to install a fence on their own refrain from extensive planning and jump right into the job. Before you can start digging and placing posts, a solid strategy and plan needs to be prepared. Without one, your project will likely fail.

Property Lines

Believe it or not, many homeowners have no clue exactly where their property line begins and ends. As a result, this can lead to costly fines and fees when a fence has crossed into a neighbor’s yard or even public property. Be sure to request for a survey of your property line for precise boundaries.
Zoning Laws

Ornamental Aluminum
You can’t just build a fence anywhere. Sometimes there are boundary and height requirements for certain properties. Some may allow a fence right on the property line, while others require an offset. In addition to zoning laws, be sure to check your local Homeowner’s Association guidelines. If the fence is going to be installed around your pool it must adhere to local or state safety codes.

Sunshine 811

Always call Sunshine 811 before you dig. Most fences require one-third of their height underground. Fence posts on some fences need to be a minimum of 30 inches deep. When digging that deep, you run the risk of hitting underground pipes or wires. So, to avoid that risk, make the call before you dig.


Measure the fence line at least twice. A precise measurement will save you time and money in the long run. You will know exactly how much material you will need and where your fence posts will be set. This is the most important planning aspect.

Rather than taking the risk of being fined, or overstepping your property boundaries, save the hassle and call Best Fence of Jacksonville. Best Fence offers the best quality materials, pricing value and always meets code requirements.

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