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Fences and Hurricanes: What You Should Know

Now that hurricane season has ended, it’s the time to assess your fencing situation and consider upgrading to a fence that can withstand the possible storms of next season. An upgraded, hurricane-ready fence from Best Fence Company of Jacksonville will last for years and can be fabricated to meet wind load requirements.

Photo courtesy of Beach Bum as reported by Action News Jax

Wood is No Good

Do not let your fence end up like this one above. A major downside of wooden fences is their ability to withstand Florida’s natural elements. Wooden fences are prone to damage including termites, mold and rot. They are especially susceptible to weather damage be it heavy rain, strong winds and more. A wooden fence is no match for a hurricane with 70 mph winds. Best Fence Company of Jacksonville understands their consumers’ needs for a fence that can “weather” the elements, which is why we offer alternative fencing options.

“With Hurricane Matthew passing and lots of trees down, we are pleased to inform that our fence is in perfect condition.”
– Kati, Best Fence Client

Vinyl Could Be Vital

Vinyl fences are growing in popularity. At Best Fence, vinyl fences are one of our most popular fence styles. We are proud of our vinyl fencing because it is maintenance free, highly durable and constructed with top quality, heavy-walled extrusions, all of which provide a beautiful fence that will remain beautiful and sturdy for years.

Compared to wood fences, vinyl fences will not deteriorate, chip, warp, crack or peel. Vinyl fences are even virtually impervious to Florida’s humid weather and saltwater environments. Homeowners do not have to worry about vinyl fences fitting in with their home’s style because each vinyl fence is customizable. Check out some beautiful examples on our website.

Aluminum and Vinyl Fences

Aluminum All the Way

Another great option is Aluminum fencing, which is also a more durable material than wood fencing. Like our vinyl fencing, aluminum fencing is manufactured for Florida’s harsh climates. Aluminum and vinyl fencing are maintenance free and will not deteriorate extensively over time. Our aluminum fences have undergone intensive salt environment testing and surpasses the 3000 hour salt spray test.
Aluminum fences are double coated in a polyester powder, which is stronger than baked on enamel finishes on other fence styles. Homeowners do not have to compromise design or creativity when choosing an aluminum fence because Best Fence offers a variety of adornments to personalize each aluminum fence.

If you have a wooden fence and are ready to upgrade to a hurricane-proof fence, Best Fence Company of Jacksonville is here to work with you to create a beautiful and sturdy fence.