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Building a fence around your property can be a great way to beautify your home, keep unwanted trespassers out, and provide some privacy for you and your family. It’s also good for blocking out noise in case you live near a railroad or noisy highway. Before you build it’s important to determine the ultimate cost of this project. You have to take into account how large your enclosed area will be, the materials you want to use and other considerations. If you already have a home you can buy a fence using your credit card or take out a loan. There are also a few more finance options you can consider using to pay for your home improvement project. For those building their home from the ground-up, it’s generally more financially feasible to add a fence during the initial construction rather than adding it after your home is built. If you upgrade during the initial build you can possibly waive some cost.

When building a from-the-ground-up or prefabricated home, most new construction homes include builder-grade products. This means that, unless stated otherwise in the contract, your property’s features are most likely being built with basic materials and are lower quality. Fencing is often not part of your original new construction contract at all so you’ll have to pay extra for the upgrade. A customized home can be expensive enough, so new-home owners may find the extra cost daunting.

There can be two easy ways to help waive cost: having a construction-to-permanent loan and choosing Best Fence Company to install your fence. Here’s why:

What is A Construction-to-Permanent Loan?

A construction-to-permanent loan also called a Rollover loan, allows buyers to have just one loan. It provides the money you need to build the home (construction loan) and when construction is finished it converts that loan into your “permanent loan” or home mortgage.

Why You Should Choose Best Fence Company of Jacksonville

With Best Fence Company of Jacksonville, you can include the cost of your fence into your new construction mortgage. So instead of paying up front when construction is done, you just make it part of your specified mortgage rate. Our fences are affordable, protected against rust and oxidation and come with a lifetime warranty.

Something to consider is that all banks and home builders are different. Read your builder’s contract carefully before signing and ask your builder about what they provide up front.  Also, talk to your banker to find the best loan option for you and your fencing project. We are one of North Florida’s leading fabricators of Decorative Aluminum Fence and Ornamental Vinyl Fence. We promise quality service to all of our clients and install the highest quality products at a competitive price. If you’re ready to get your dream home and start building your fence right away, call us today at 904-268-1638 for your FREE estimate or visit our website at for more information about our special offers.

“We work hard to provide you with the Best price, the Best quality product and the Best service you deserve”

Best Fence Company is Jacksonville’s industry leader in fabrication and installment of top quality vinyl and aluminum fencing and ornamental garden products. At Best Fence, our mission is to fabricate and install the highest quality product at a competitive price while providing unsurpassed Customer Service. Fencing is an investment in your home. Your decorative fence design choice adds value to your property in a beautiful way. Your family will feel protected and you’ll breathe easier knowing Best Fence installed your new fence. We provide professional FREE estimates at your convenience. Call us today.

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