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Happy IndependFENCE Day! :)

Summer should be spent outdoors, especially on the 4th of July, right? YES! At Best Fence of Jacksonville, we want to help make your backyard the best it can be for not only this summer but many to come. Whether you need a fence around your pool to keep it up to code or need your entire backyard fenced in, we have great aluminum and vinyl options for you.

Florida law states that all residential swimming pools must have a barrier that is at least four feet high and is separate from any fence, wall or other enclosure surrounding the yard. Best Fence can easily install a fence around your pool, making sure it is up to code so you don’t have to. Visit to look at all of the different fencing options we offer.

After Best Fence of Jacksonville installs your new fence, it’s time to make the most out of your back yard for the rest of the summer. Since Independence Day is coming soon, it is the perfect chance to take advantage of your newly fenced in backyard. A quick search on Google or Pinterest will give you so many ideas for decorating and other party ideas. Even when it comes to decorating fencing, your options are endless. You can hang American flag bunting for a classic patriotic look like in the picture to the left. To create this look all you need is the bunting and either some tape or nails as a way to attach it to your fence.

Another option for fence décor is to create an American flag within your fence. To create this design, wrap ribbon or any waterproof streamer around your fence to look like a flag. If there is no rain in the forecast, you can use paper streamers but with Jacksonville’s unpredictable weather something waterproof is probably a safer option. Once your basic flag design is finished, you can tape small stars to the blue or leave it like the picture. This unique idea is a bit more time consuming, but will look great when it is finished!

There’s no better way to end your 4th of July celebration than watching a spectacular fireworks display. Two of the biggest displays in Jacksonville take place downtown at the Shipyards and at Jacksonville Beach. No matter where you decide to spend your evening make sure you get there early because it gets crowded. If you don’t feel like leaving your house you can always light off your own fireworks. Keep in mind that in Florida any fireworks that fly off the ground or explode are prohibited. There are still plenty of options, just head to any superstore and pick up some of the legal fireworks.

These are just some of the many ideas you can use for your Independence Day celebrations. Best Fence of Jacksonville wishes you a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!

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