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When is the Best Time to Install a Fence?

With summer winding down, you may have thought you missed your chance to install a beautiful new fence from Best Fence of Jacksonville. Actually, fall might even be a better time to buy a fence. Keep reading to find out why!

Most people start thinking about buying a fence when the weather begins to warm up in the spring or summer. Although this may seem like the best idea, warmer weather can lead to higher costs and longer wait times for installation due to the high volume of customers. Because Jacksonville’s year-round mild climate is generally warm, it might be more cost effective to wait until fall or winter to install a fence.

In places that get colder than Jacksonville, fence installation can be very difficult in the winter. When the temperature drops below 25 degrees for a long period of time, the frozen ground makes digging holes for the posts challenging.

Fortunately, Jacksonville residents don’t have to worry too much about the freezing cold weather and snow. During the spring and summer months, majority of fencing companies see a spike in demand for fence installations, possibly increasing the wait time for your fence to go in. Another perk about waiting until the cooler months is that you get to work more closely with your professional fence specialist. This allows you, the homeowner, to work more closely with your fence specialist to ensure your fence meets the needs and requirements for your home.

Being that we are Floridians, it certainly isn’t necessary to wait until fall or winter to start your fencing project. Best Fence of Jacksonville can install fencing any time during the year. Don’t think you missed your opportunity to have an aluminum or vinyl fence installed this year. Start your project now and enjoy it all year long! Visit for a FREE estimate.

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