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Why Fall is the Best Season to Build a Fence

Fall is here, pumpkin spice drinks are everywhere, and the scent of cinnamon wafts through your home.

The interior of your home embraces fall and its cooler temperatures and warmer colors, but your lawn can feel dull after the summer. Spruce it up with a brand new residential fence to complete your home’s fall look. Get a head start on your neighbors who may wait until the spring to start enhancing their homes as they prepare for those summer barbecues. Here are four reasons fall is the prime time to build a fence.

Less Hassle, More Enjoyment

Spring is a busy time for everyone from families, couples and singletons. Keep your spring time hustle and bustle to a minimum by jump starting your fence building/construction before the mayhem begins in April. While you’re stressing out over spring cleaning, spring breaks and summer preparations, you won’t have to worry about your yard. It will have already been improved upon with a well-crafted fence, so you can enjoy the outdoors and entertain your friends and family.

Pool Ready in Time for Summer

Pools are a great feature of a home, especially in the summertime. Whether you have kids or just want to enjoy the outdoors lounging by the pool, enclosing the pool area with a fence is always an important addition. If you build your fence in the Fall, you won’t find yourself in a situation where you’re trying to install it at the last minute later on when the Sun is back and the kids are melting! Don’t wait and take care of it now. Best Fence Company of Jacksonville guarantees approval by county inspectors and will work with your Homeowners Association or Management Company to ensure your fence meets any covenants and restrictions in your community.

Seasonal Promotions

Best Fence is currently running some promotion, when you purchase 150 linear feet or more! Now you can save $100 off of your project whether it is a fence to enclose a pool or one to enclose your entire yard. For those customers who want an aluminum fence, Best Fence will arch your second aluminum gate (as a decorative feature) at no additional cost to you. For those customers who desire a vinyl fence, we’re offering a “Victorian Stake” Lattice Accent to your vinyl fence, should you want to add a bit more pizzazz to your fence.

Scenery Is Everything

The autumn leaves falling down, filling your freshly fenced-in yard will make for a picture perfect scene. With a fence and gate from Best Fence, your home is sure to be the stand-out home in the neighborhood. Don’t let the prime season pass you by!