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2024 Realistic Home Improvements

Home on the water with black aluminum fence.

2020 was known as the year of renovations, DIYs, and the ‘fixer-upper’ era. Start 2024 with a bang and make tiny improvements that will transform your space and life. It’s never too early to start thinking about how to increase your property value. In 2023, St. Johns County grew 5.45%! Stay trendy with simple, innovative strategies that improve your property and lifestyle.

Organize your garage!

Organizing your garage frees up storage in other desirable places in your home. Investing in storage shelves can also allow you to park your vehicles in the garage. Opening up your front driveway and yard will most likely encourage you to invest in new landscaping materials. Some Dandelions, Mums, or new grass could make the front of your home look like the front page of  a magazine! 

Do you have a front patio with stairs leading up to the house? Best Fence and Rail offers sturdy and reliable railing and handrails. Not only will this make your home more accessible for elderly family members, it also adds a pop of sophistication to any home. Aluminum Railing and Handrails come in four flattering colors for any desired aesthetic. White, Black, Florida Bronze, and Light Bronze. Whether your home is on the waterfront or the suburbs, handrails elevate and secure your property value for upcoming years. 

Backyard with black aluminum puppy fence.

Create a family-friendly backyard!

Creating a comfortable, soothing front or backyard space is essential to any lifestyle. Whether you have children or pets, or you simply enjoy entertaining. Being able to create a private space is an amazing way to enjoy Florida’s sunny weather. When guests come over for a summer cookout, installing a vinyl fence around your backyard adds privacy and style to outdoor get-togethers. Not to mention, reliable fencing keeps your pets from escaping! 

Best Fence and Rail offers several standard and multi-grain color options for vinyl fences. Standard colors are White, Tan/Sand, and Khaki/Clay. Multi-grain colors consist of Weathered Aspen, Mesquite, Dark Walnut, Coastal Cedar, Dark Sequoia, Textured Sand, Textured Clay, Textures Mesquite, and Textured Dark Sequoia. With 12 beautiful colors, we are sure you can find the perfect color vinyl fence to fit your needs and style preferences. 

Grab pool accessories! 

You’ve got the pool, it looks better than you imagined! But it’s missing a little something. Maybe some simple signs on your new vinyl fence reading ‘Pool Entrance Here!’. A Towel Stand? A hallow bench that is also a pool toy storage unit? Pool accessories can truly bring an outdoor space together. You can keep it all natural with a consistent color scheme to give a clean and natural look. Or switch it up and have fun, bright neon colors to prepare for summer! Whatever you choose, adding these accessories can transform an awkward backyard into a mini waterpark! 

Pool Fences are also a Best Fence and Rail’s specialty. Aluminum fences always come with Alumi-Guard. A warranty that guarantees their aluminum fences are 100% welded gates by AWS certifies welders. Not to mention, all fences from Best Fence come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and a 3-year labor warranty. When you make a purchase

Make 2024 count and start planning your next home renovation! It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Whatever you decide, Best Fence & Rail will always be by your side when it comes to fencing needs. 


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