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Planning a Backyard Wedding

Table with food and glasses.


Whether this is a morning, afternoon, or night ceremony the lighting sets the tone for any event. If it’s during the day, make sure trees are trimmed and allow some natural light onto your ceremony area. The sun shining down on the Bride and Groom is a beautiful photo opportunity. If your ceremony is during sunset, having some candles down the aisle is an amazing way to light the Bride’s path. Allowing the ambiance to remain soft and elegant. A night wedding gets a little more complex, the moonlight is beautiful and timeless for pictures. But it’s not going to be your best option. Some underlighting at the altar is a great way to get some brightness to your night. Ceremony aside, there are a variety of candles, overhead lights, and even pool lights to make your wedding shimmer and sparkle. Play around with natural and artificial light to create your dream backyard wedding!

Backyard bbq pit with fireplace and chairs in a fenced in backyard.

Creative Landscaping

Another benefit of hosting a backyard wedding is you don’t have to adhere to venue rules and regulations. You can have flower arrangements with lit candles in the middle, on your tables, on the patio anywhere. The sky is the limit, creative landscaping can form a personal, cozy setting that makes all your guests feel welcome. You could have rose petals scattered throughout the yard, maybe some newly planted palm trees, or decorate your pool fence. Best Fence and Rail specializes in pool fences in three beautiful colors for any wedding aesthetic. Wrapping a flower garland through the symmetric bars of an aluminum fence can be one of those little details people talk about for years to come. Also placing some flowers on top of the water in a pool is a tiny detail that has a timeless effect.


One reason there is a stigma about backyard weddings is the lack of privacy in your backyard. You have neighbors on either side of you, and who wants to get married with curious eyes staring at you saying your vows? A solution to this very reasonable issue is installing a vinyl fence around your backyard. Whether it’s a standard color like white or a beautiful multi-grain color option, vinyl fences are a sleek and timeless option. Adding privacy and style to your home and your wedding! A bride can also enter the aisle through the side of the yard and walk up the altar. Create a gorgeous private path, making the event effortless and luxurious.

Best Fence and Rail can offer the perfect fence for any special occasion in your backyard. A beautiful and luxurious backyard wedding is possible and fun to plan with the right tools. Making everything your own with no rules to hold you back allows you to make everything truly YOU. 


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