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Advantages and Disadvantages of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing has increased in popularity over the recent years. It has many benefits over traditional wood or chain link fences. There are pros and cons to vinyl material that you should consider before purchasing a fence. There are varieties of styles and colors to choose from to create the fence you envision. A vinyl fence can make your property more aesthetically pleasing and increase its value.


Durability. Vinyl is a much more durable product than wood. It doesn’t rot or rust and resists all types of weather. It is a great choice for areas of high humidity and salty air.

Low Maintenance. Unlike wood, vinyl does not need to be painted or stained to be preserved. It is a plastic material. It is easy to clean; just look at our previous posts for cleaning tips. Vinyl will maintain its original conditions for years to come! See the chart below for cleaning tips.

Green. No it is not the color green to the eye, it is an environmentally friendly material. Vinyl fences from Best Fence of Jacksonville are made from non-toxic chemicals, both beneficial to your family and Mother Nature. In addition, vinyl requires less resources to manufacture, utilizes less energy to produce, and has low emissions.


Cost. Yes, vinyl does cost more money up front. It is more expensive than wood or chain link, however, it will end up being cheaper in the long run. With little to no repairs, replacements, or painting needed, you will actually spend less over time compared to other materials.

Difficult to Repair. If part of you fence does endure damage, it may be more difficult to replace the damaged area. A professional may be required to replace the damaged posts or even a small section of the fence. Visit for a FREE estimate.

Ordinary. Although, the traditional vinyl fence is usually white and fairly plain looking, there is now a larger selection of decorative pieces and finishes that can give your vinyl fence that extra pop!