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Ideas to Create a Dog Friendly Backyard


Install a fence to keep your dog in sight and to help keep other critters out of your yard. A fenced in yard allows Fido to roam free without going too far, all the while adding style to your outdoor design.


Add a water feature to the backyard. It will provide your little pup with all the water he or she needs. Hire a professional to install a small fountain, stream, or waterfall. It will give your yard a sense of tranquility too!


Snoopy loved his dog house and your dog will too. Dogs tend to seek shade during the warmer months to keep cool with all that fur. Dogs can even get sunburn and dehydrated. Have some fun and build an unordinary, creative design.

Safe Plant Life

Do not plant any vegetation that has thorns or spurs. In addition keep the yard poison ivy and toxin-free. Dogs tend to eat whatever may peek their interest.

Ground Material

Grass is probably a dog’s favorite type of terrain. If you decide to put rock, pavers, concrete, or wood decking in the yard, be mindful and use a lighter colored material. You don’t want the pup’s little paws getting scorched by the hot sun.