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Backyard Landscaping Project Ideas

Water Feature

A water feature can become the focal point of any backyard, such as a natural-looking waterfall or stream. The calming sound of running water will make the yard a place of relaxation.


Structural Landscaping

Try adding tiers or different levels to a flat backyard for more dimension. Terraces will do the trick. Create walls for plants or build a set of steps to run through, then decorate with natural vegetation or boulders for an extra pop of beauty and style.


Pavers or Stepping-Stones

For a cheaper, yet still effective option, lay a pathway with pavers or stepping-stones. This can create a welcoming feeling for those who walk along it. You can even add some solar powered lanterns for visibility at night.




Why not make a deck the focal point of your yard. A deck acts as an extension of the home, opening up more space for lounging. Place a dining table under an umbrella or awning for a peaceful outdoor retreat or dining area. You can build a deck as big or small as desired and decorated to meet your personal taste.


Fire Pits

No backyard would be complete without a fire pit. Fire pits create a perfect focal point pleasing to the eye and acts as a source of warmth on those chilly nights. It can bring family and friends together.


Try hanging a hammock. These swinging beds will help you relax any time of the day. They are a symbol of leisure and simple, easy living. Whatever it is you decide to do to liven up your backyard, be sure to put your own style into it. Your yard is more than an outdoor space; it is part of your home.