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Best Backyards in the World

1. Ice Hockey Rink:

Anytime you have a legitimate hockey rink in your backyard, your yard is going to rank high on any backyard list especially if children are doing the rankings. Imagine being able to go ice skating whenever you want, as long as it’s still winter of course.

2. Tree House:

I sure wish I had this in my backyard when I was a kid. Built high in the limbs of a sturdy tree, this special house offers years of fun for the whole family!

3. Wiffle Ball Stadium

If having a hockey rink in your backyard isn’t your cup of tea, then a wiffle ball stadium surely has to be. All the fun of baseball in your backyard with less chance of damaging your house with a foul ball.

4. Swing at the Edge of the World:

While it’s not a part of your typical backyard or even possible in most regions of the world, this swing in Baños Ecuador overlooks a canyon offering a breathtaking yet frightening view!

5. In Ground Trampoline:

Sure, a lot of people have trampolines in their backyard, but how about having one that’s safer for the kids! By owning one of these in-ground bouncers rather than one that sits 4 to 5 feet above the ground, you can eliminate some of the risks associated with using a traditional trampoline.