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Preventing Damage to Your Fence

Your fence may go through normal wear and tear over time, but there are some immediate damages to your fence that you may be able to prevent. Because it’s always important to be on the precautionary side, we have provided a list of tips and advice to ensure your fence is well prepared for a variety of natural damages.


Storm Damage

It’s hurricane season in Florida so you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect your fence from the damages of a severe storm. Here are some tips you can try to help prevent damage to your fence during bad weather.

  1. Cut down any trees that hang over the fence and/or trees around the fence.
  2. Move any objects near or around your fence that may cause damage if the winds are strong enough.
  3. Reinforce your fence to ensure a stable structure during hurricane season.

Vegetation Damage

Another type of damage to your fence that can be prevented is vegetation damage. I’m not talking as much about gardens, but other greenery and plants such as Ivy. Ivy can spread fast so it is important to remove the Ivy as soon as you notice it starting to grow. If your fence becomes damaged, for whatever reason, Ivy may cause further destruction by growing into the damaged part of your fence. If the ivy continues to grow all over the fence it may also prevent you from being able to maintain your fence to protect it from long term damages.