Best Fence & Rail Jacksonville, Florida

Custom Fences: You Dream It, We Will Build It

All fences and properties are not created equal, but that’s the beauty owning a fence from Best Fence Company of Jacksonville. We offer a variety of customizations including gates. We’re here to work with homeowners and give them a beautiful, one-of-a-kind fence that will make a statement and stand tall for years.

In-House Manufacturing

At Best Fence Company of Jacksonville, we design and build all of our fences using our own Cisco Router technology. With the latest in architectural technology, we are able to build customized fences for any residential or commercial property. A key way our customers benefit from our in-house manufacturing, is that our fences are tested in extreme wind and weather conditions to simulate Florida weather from harsh temperatures to hurricane-scale winds. All our fences come with 100 percent customer guarantees.

Start to Finish Customization

Best Fence is proud to offer the best in aluminum and vinyl fencing. Depending on your fence needs and your style preferences, our professional staff is here to work with you and design your dream fence down to the gate’s latch. The fence’s color, design, look and more can all be as unique or as traditional as you’d like. Gates and other fence treatments help personalize your fence to truly make it your own. You dream it, Best Fence will build it.

Work With Clients and Communities

Best Fence will guarantee that all pool code standards, HOA standards and community codes are met. Our staff works with each community to ensure all gates and fences meet community and building requirements. We also incorporate our fence designs to complement our clients’ home exteriors by matching material and hardware. Whether we’re building a fence for a brick home or a stucco home, our staff will make sure the custom fences flows seamlessly with the home’s appearance.

Examples of Work

Featured here are various styles of fences that we’ve designed and built for residential and commercial clients.

Some of our most popular fences include our puppy picket fence, perfect for helping to keep unwanted critters out of your yards; our vinyl fences for commercial properties; our vinyl or aluminum fences to enclose pools; and our customized gates that provide a finished look to any home or property.