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The Truth About Wooden Fences and Why Vinyl or Aluminum is a Better Choice!

photo courtesy of Topeka Capital-Journal

Wooden fences have been a popular fencing choice for centuries, but did you know they’re actually one of the most unreliable styles of fencing?  Fortunately for homeowners, there are other products to choose from like Vinyl or Aluminum. Continue reading to find out how wooden fences are failing their customers and why Vinyl or Aluminum may be a better choice for you.


Wood is a natural product and like all things in nature, it will eventually decay. The deterioration process is accelerated when you factor in other natural elements like heavy rainfall and high winds, which Florida can be synonymous with. Termites can also be a frequent problem.

Vinyl fences will not chip, warp, split or peel like wooden fences are known to do as a result of weather conditions. They are built solid and sturdy. At Best Fence Company of Jacksonville, we even subject our fences to a 3,000-hour salt spray test, so any fence we install for our clients has the proven ability to withstand the elements.

Repair Costs

As mentioned above, wooden fences are just not reliable. They can require frequent and sometimes expensive repairs and maintenance, which adds up. A common misconception property owners have is that a wooden fence is often the cheapest way to go.  When you factor in the cost of regular maintenance and replacing panels, wooden fences can turn out to be one of the more expensive options. An Aluminum fence from Best Fence Company of Jacksonville is maintenance free and will not require replacing unless there are some very special circumstances. You can sit back and enjoy your Aluminum fence for years without worrying about paying for the upkeep.


Low Aesthetic Value = Low Property Value

Let’s face it – Wooden fences are boring. They lack the versatility of a custom manufactured and fabricated product. Everyone’s wooden fence inevitably ends up looking the same with the only difference being which stage of deterioration each one is in. Because of that deterioration, they are unappealing to the eye, often making houses appear older and disheveled. In turn, this kills your property values. With a custom fabricated Vinyl or Aluminum fence from Best Fence Company of Jacksonville, you will not only have a greater variety of fence design choices to complement your home, but also enjoy the benefit of a fence that has been customized in color and fit for your property.

Vinyl and Aluminum fencing is also a modern and popular choice, as you can clearly see around Jacksonville area neighborhoods like Nocatee, Durbin Creek, Sawgrass, Oakleaf Plantation and much more. Vinyl and Aluminum fencing are the current fence styles that are obviously the most attractive to current buyers and will be more aesthetically pleasing to your neighbors. Best Fence Company will even work with HOA’s and Florida building codes to make sure that your fence will be the perfect fit with zero issues.

Best Fence Company of Jacksonville even offers free estimates and is happy to bring product samples to your home, so you will be able to make the most informed decision. Feel free to ask our installment crew questions and contact us throughout the entire fabrication and installment processor with any follow-up questions.