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Easy Outdoor Home Improvement Ideas for Summer

We’re counting down the day until summer! With the arrival of May, we are only a few weeks out from days spent running around the yard becoming a reality again. With school break and summer holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start refreshing your yard for the busy summer days. There are so many different ways you can improve the look of your yard to make it look more inviting to guests, impress friends and family, and raise curb appeal.

Start a Garden

There’s something magical about growing your own fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Gardens are a great way to spruce up the look of your home and yard, but they are also a fun way of creating your own produce. Do some research to figure out your growing zone based on where you live and estimate the first and last frost dates. Buy some fresh soil, seeds and/or bulbs and start planting!

Pressure Wash Your Home

Pressure washing can be a great way to brighten up your home after the winter months. With the amount of pollen that has fallen over the past few months, and the sand and dirt that is naturally kicked up by wind, it’d be no surprise that the outside of homes might be grimey and need a good clean. Pressure washing helps to get rid of dirt, mildew, and mold from around the home. Regularly pressure washing your home can help to get rid of dust, grease and chemical residues build up, especially in the nooks and crannies between shutters and sidings. A good pressure wash can spruce up the look, help reduce allergens around your home, and help prevent rot or build up around the building.

Install a Fence or Rail to your Home

A fence or rail is a wonderful addition to your home. Rails and handrails can be a great way to spruce up the look of your home or an option to add extra support for getting in and out of the home. At Best Fence and Rail of Florida, we offer a wide selection of high-strength, high-quality aluminum and vinyl handrails and railings for your decks and balconies. Fences can add curb appeal and also provide privacy for you and your family. Vinyl or aluminum are in high demand for their low maintenance, cost effectiveness, versatility, and sturdiness. Best Fence and Rail offers top-of-the-line vinyl and aluminum materials that are maintenance free, customizable, and built to last in Florida’s hot, humid, salt-heavy environment.


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