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Fences Make Good Neighbors

Did you know September 28th was National Good Neighbor Day? Whether you live in a home, condo, apartment, or dorm, having a good relationship with your neighbor is vital. As the famous saying goes, “Good Fences make Good Neighbors.” Fences can be great ways to keep the peace with your neighbors while also offering a beautiful, private update to your home.

If you are considering building a fence around your home, here are some things to consider:

  • Speaking to your neighbor about your decision to install a fence can be a way to show trust and consideration for the other person
    • This is true for any big decision that might affect your neighbor’s yard or view
    • By speaking to them about it, you are showing them that you value their opinion and want to respect their space as well as your own
  • Knowing both you and your neighbor’s property lines is also important when installing a fence because it prevents you from building a fence that extends onto your neighbors’ property.
    • A good fencing installation company will help you find your property lines to make sure that there are no sticky-situations about property later on
    • You can also look online on the County Appraiser’s website to check if you don’t know
  • Choosing material that matches the color/material-type of your home and/or your Homeowners Association’s guidelines not only helps keep your home looking beautiful, but helps the neighborhood look beautiful as well
    • Some HOA’s require specific materials, colors, or placements of fences around homes for fences and railings
    • This can be a big plus for neighbors who care deeply about the look and feel of the neighborhood
  • Maintain the outside of the fence
    • This is a perk not just for your neighbor, but you as well
    • A regularly maintained fence has a much longer life and keeps your home looking beautiful to anyone who passes by
    • Vinyl fences can be a great option for low-maintenance beauty that will last for years to come

Though a fence is not guaranteed to create a perfect relationship with your neighbors, it can surely help. Not only does it offer you privacy or semi-privacy within your own yard, but it can also give that same privacy level to your neighbor as well. If you’re deciding whether getting a fence would be a great addition to your home, this could be another perk to add to the pros and cons list.


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