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How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Home

Property fences are a big investment in your home. We expect them to last for years and stay looking nice. However, not all fences are made equal and, depending on the fence material, may not last as long as others. Regardless, with the regular wear and tear of climate conditions and changes over time your fence is bound to need repairs at some point during its lifetime. So how do you know which fence material is best for your home?


Wood fencing may be beautiful, but it requires a lot of time-consuming maintenance to keep it that way. Some types of lumber are more “rot-resistant” than others but for any wood fence a sealant and paint coat every few months is needed to keep them looking nice. Also, if you have children or pets a wood fence may not be the most suitable for them. Splinters or rough edges can be harmful to younger children and pets can easily dig under posts even if they are underground.

Chain Link

Chain link fences are a less expensive option, but that money can be lost in expensive repairs since metal is more prone to rust. Hot, humid, salt-heavy environments are especially corrosive and a chain link fence in these conditions requires a higher level of maintenance and more frequent repairs. This type of fence is composed of a bunch of twisted wires making it difficult to repair. You will most likely need to spend money on a professional fence contractor to fix it. Also, chain link fences are not as sturdy as other materials and can be damaged in extreme weather and falling debris.

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Vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance free which saves buyers money in the long run. To keep your vinyl fence looking pristine a simple wash and rinse with mild soap and water is generally all that is required.  Known for its durability and versatile colors and shapes vinyl is a popular option for families and those with more contemporary or ranch style homes. Vinyl is great for hot, humid environments and will not crack or fade like wood. Plus, vinyl is the perfect option for those who want a privacy fence and it also helps to block out noise from busy streets.


Aluminum is a popular fencing material and provides more options for those who want a more decorative and stylish aesthetic. Aluminum fencing is built to last for years and is resistant to rust and corrosion. It is also a great option for pets as the bars can be installed vertically and horizontally near the bottom. If you plan on installing a pool, or already own one, aluminum fences are a great option for pool fences and multi-action gates by keeping out unwanted guests or unsupervised younger children.

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