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How to Preserve Your Vinyl Fence

One reason vinyl fencing is so popular is that they’re very low maintenance once installed. However, there are still simple steps you can take to ensure your vinyl fence maintains its appearance and efficiency for many years.

Clean the Fence Regularly

The most efficient way to clean your vinyl fence will be to mix some non-abrasive house hold detergent with water and gently sponge away any dirt or grime that’s accumulated on the fence.

Regularly Inspect the Posts and Post Caps

Sometimes environmental factors like excess heat or cold can loosen posts and the stability of the fence. It’s important to walk the fence line and double check the condition of the posts. If the fence is unstable in any areas, use a shovel to adjust the earth around the posts and back fill as necessary.

Repair Any Damage to the Fence

Fence damage may occur by a falling tree or a heavy object. If any part of the fence is broken, it’s important to either repair it or call a professional to repair it. Sometimes these fixes are simple and sometimes they require extensive repairs. Nonetheless, it’s always important to preserve your fence and always keep it looking its best!