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What Fence Is Right For You?

They may be cute, cuddly, and fluffy but are rabbits and other critters destroying your hard work? Here are a few tricks that may help keep these critters out of your garden. Placing an inflatable snake around your garden can keep the rabbits from even thinking about getting close to it. The trick is to make the snake look real and move it around the garden often. Another strategy would be adding coffee grounds to your garden.

Coffee grounds add nutrients to soil and it deters pests such as picky deer, slugs and even cats. The last quick trick up our sleeve is soap. Cut your fresh smelling soap up and put it along the outsides of your garden. The smell may help keep the squirrels from eating your precious fruits and veggies you have worked so hard to grow.

Do you just want your garden to stand out?  If so you should look into a garden fence. There are many types of Ornamental Aluminum and Vinyl Fence that are decorative and may keep those pesky critters at bay.


The 4 Rail Canterbury Puppy is designed with class to help keep your puppies close, but it may also keep those puppies out of your garden. It is an Ornamental Aluminum Fence which is maintenance free, Florida tested, powder coated, and a durable fence that will look fantastic for many years.


The 3 Rail Belmont fence is not designed for keeping critters in nor out but it will give that garden an extra something. Besides you worked so hard to get the garden going, wouldn’t you want to showcase it in something beautiful? The 3 Rail Belmont fence is also an aluminum fence that is designed to last for years with durability and style.


This Vinyl fence will last for years as well. Since it is not wood it will not rot, chip, or split apart. Imperial 3 Open Picket will also withstand Florida’s scorching weather.