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Get your yard ready for summer time!

Getting your yard ready for summer time can be a daunting task. But with these helpful tips it should take you no time at all to have the best looking yard on the block this summer.


Step 1: Prepping the yard

Prepping the yard for summer time is one of the biggest challenges many home owners face. To prep your yard for the summer time, raking leaves is crucial. You want to rake away all the leaves that have fallen during the winter months and put them in garbage bags to be collected by the disposal company. If you don’t rake away the leaves they will continue to lay there and kill the grass. The next step in prepping your yard for summer time is to make sure that your irrigation system is working properly. To do this, simply turn it on and check the sprinkler heads to make sure they are spraying water where it needs to go.

Step 2: Mulch

Mulching around the base of your freshly cleaned garden beds and trees is essential. When choosing your mulch you want to make sure the color is going to compliment the style of your house. For instance, you don’t want to have red mulch next to a red house. Try using black mulch for contrast. Applying mulch to the base of the trees and around the garden beds is sure to put a good 2-3 inch layer around the entire base. Mulching around the base of plants also has many advantages. It helps keep the soil cool in the scorching temperatures of summer, it discourages weed growth, but most of all, it adds a pretty touch of color to your yard.

Step 3: Aeration

Aerating your yard is a simple task that will encourage the growth of your grass. Aerating your yard means that you will perforate the soil, which helps remove plugs in the soil. Aerating the yard helps air and water reach the roots better. It also helps to over seed and fertilize directly after you have aerated your yard because it allows direct access to the roots.

Step 4: Fertilization

Every homeowner wants their yard to be as green and lush as the next. The key to a lush green yard is to fertilize it. Fertilizing your yard helps keep the weeds at bay, strengthen the root systems of the grass and detour pesky critters. However, there is a trick to fertilizing your yard properly. Too much fertilizer and the sprouts will grow quickly but will not root correctly. Too little fertilizer and the grass will start to die in some spots. Always make sure to use a fertilizer spreader when spreading fertilizer, this ensures that every section of the yard is getting the same amount of fertilizer. And most importantly, always be sure to water the grass directly after fertilizing it to prevent the fertilizer from burning the grass and killing it.