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Can a adding a fence to your yard increase the property value?

Many home owners debate if installing a fence is worth it. Well the debate is over! Installing a fence is definitely worth the money. Not only does a fence define your property line and look great, it increases the value of your home.


How does a fence increase your property value?

The truth is, adding a fence to your property does not necessarily mean it will increase the value. It is how the fence is installed, that will add the value to your property. Getting a high quality decorative fence installed, will in fact add value to your property. A fence creates a sense of home if it’s done correctly. You wouldn’t want to add a fence if it’s going to look like a prison. This is especially important when it comes to selling your home. Many home buyers will purchase a home that has a fenced in yard before they purchase one without. It’s considered an added value to them. But the fence has to look inviting from the curb.

However, repairing an old fence can also increase the value of your property. But this strategy has its limits. Look at your fence, does it just need to be pressured washed or stained? If so, making these changes could help the value of your property because the fence will no longer be an eye sore to the neighbors or future home buyers. Although, if the fence is sagging in some areas, rotting, broken in more than one spot, or looks like it is going to come crashing down at any minute. Spending money on repairs probably will not increase the value. In this situation it would be beneficial to remove the old fence and get a new fence.

The style of your house, yard and fence reflect who you are. Fences can add character to your yard. Pick a fence that will complement the design of your home and yard to achieve a look that is well thought out and put together.

The most important things to remember when debating if a fence may add value to your home is that, it will only add value if it is aesthetically pleasing, has a purpose and fits the neighborhood.