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Backyard Projects: DIY Garden Pots

From pots, garden boxes, seeds, fertilizer, and more…gardens can be expensive and confusing! Have you ever planted something then realized you didn’t label it or you have no idea what it is after it has sprouted? Well not anymore, here are 3 DIY Ideas that will help make your garden flourish with beauty and functionality! The best part is that they are inexpensive.


Project Number 1: Chalkboard Painted Pot

Materials: Clay Pot, Chalkboard Paint, Stencils, Pencil, Painters Tape, and Chalk.

First make sure your clay pot is clean of any dirt, dust, soil, water, etc. then you are going to trace the stencil of your choice onto the pot with a pencil. The next step is to place painters tape on the outline of your trace to ensure you get perfect paint lines. After that is complete, paint away and label the pot as desired! You will never lose track of your vegetables, herbs, or flowers again!

Project Number 2: Space Saver Veggies

Materials: a shoe organizer that hangs and a hanger of your choice.

This project is a great way to save space and to keep pesky critters out of your flowers or vegetables. Simply take the shoe organizer you found at a bargain store, under your bed or a new one you bought and fill each opening where a shoe is supposed to go with soil and other wanted nutrients. Then simply plant the seed or plant and hang on the fence or a hanger stand of your choice. With this simple garden trick you never have to worry about your garden getting mowed over, dug up, or smashed by kids, lawn men, or even spouses!

Project Number 3: Upside Down Tomato Plant Hanger

Materials: Small Tomato Plant, Empty 2 liter plastic bottle, Duct Tape, Single Hole Punch, String, Soil, and Sharp Knife or Scissors.

This project can be a little tricky but it’s green, inexpensive, and your tomatoes will forever thank you! An Upside Down Tomato Plant Hanger is easy, once the 2 liter bottle is empty. The first step is to cut the bottom off of the empty 2 liter. A good place to cut the bottle is right above where the 5 little nubs are at the bottom. Then you are going to tape the edges of the bottle you just cut so it is not sharp. After that, go ahead and punch holes through the tape and bottle with the single hole puncher. Remember to make as many holes as you need to hang it and to make the holes big enough to hold your string. Finally you are going to put the tomato plant through the bottle. The easiest way to do this is to start from the bottom of the bottle and send the plant through the lid of the bottle. Last, add soil and hang where the plant can get the desired sunlight.