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Nocatee: The Future

If you live in Northeast Florida, you may have heard of Nocatee. It’s kind of hard not to have heard about Nocatee living in Florida, especially since it’s the 3rd best-selling master-planned community in America. So what’s so special about Nocatee? Well, there is plenty to be excited about with this community. Nocatee offers a variety of housing options for all ages, a stunning water park, shops and restaurants, business parks and many events to bring the family to.

One of the best things about Nocatee is the location. It’s between Jacksonville which is the largest city in America and Saint Augustine which is the oldest city in America. Both cities house major airports, along with a professional football team in Jacksonville, and all the touristy destinations you could ask for in Saint Augustine. Nocatee is in the process of opening up more and more business parks and restaurants, along with even more new communities to live in. Also, you are just minutes from excellent beaches. The key word here is “new”. The community of Nocatee is exploding. If you visit their website and look at the map of available communities, you will find that many of them are sold out. Not to fear, Crosswater at Nocatee, a new community opened on February 10th.

So where does Best Fence play into this phenomenon? Well, Best Fence has been there since the beginning. Many of the fences you see built around the homes or community centers in Nocatee are products of Best Fence, and we are proud of it. So whether you are planning to build or buy in the community of Nocatee, allow Best Fence to install a fence that you can be proud of. Visit our website to discover your options today!


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