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3 Things You Need to Know before You Buy a Fence

It’s 2019 and this is the year you are buying the fence.  Great!  As with any purchase that you can’t fully see until it is done, there are things you can find out to make sure what you expect does happen.  And that expectation and the fulfillment of that expectation depends on one thing.  The company you are working with.

We’ve put together a Best Fence Guideline of the 3 big things you need to know BEFORE you sign that contract

1.  Does the business have an accredited rating?

First, check their BBB rating.  Best Fence is proud to have earned at A+ Rating with BBB, indicating our commitment to satisfied customers and a high level of service. See more at

2.  Are they experienced?

Ask how long they have been in business and use the internet to confirm that.   Best Fence has over 23 years of experience in providing aluminum and vinyl fencing to Northeast Florida.

3.  Does the company subcontract out the work?

This is one of the MOST important questions you can ask.  If the person that is installing your fence does not work for the company you signed the contract with, how do you know they were trained correctly and will back up the work performed?

Best Fence stands behind it’s work.  Everyone representing Best Fence is a trained employee, supervised and equipped to do the job, and backed up by our company

Buying a fence is an important decision.  Make your Best decision.  And call Best Fence to see what makes us the best fencing company in Jacksonville!

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Best Fence is are dedicated to providing each client with the best fence and value for your individual property.  We’ll coordinate your fence installation with your builder, pool company, landscapers and permitting, and other contractors for your convenience. Your decorative pool fence is guaranteed to pass inspection and meet all code requirements.