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Pets and Fences

Do you need a fence if you’re getting a pet?  Good question!

Adopting a pet and you need a fence?

Do you live in a community that requires a fence if you have a pet?

If you have or are thinking of getting a pet, call Best Fence first at 904-268-1638.  Why?  Because we are experienced in designing the fence that is needed for your particular pet.

Let’s look at some of your choices:

  • Aluminum Fences: You may like the look of an aluminum fence, but if your puppy or mature dog is one to get excited by outside stimuli and you live in a busy neighborhood, you may want to consider our privacy fence.  If an aluminum fence is what you want, then for puppies and small animals we have a puppy picket fence that can be installed.
  • Vinyl and Privacy fences: Privacy fences can not only keep out distractions that may result in your dogs barking and jumping over fences!  Our privacy fences come in a variety of materials and colors and can blend easily into your environment.

Check with your local and state authorities on requirements for fences, as well as any local home owner’s association.  And call us at Best Fence first.  We can help you design the fence that’s perfect for you and your pet!

Schedule an on-site meeting to measure the area for your new fence and discuss with you options to design the look you want.


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