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5 Ways to Set Up a Kid Friendly Backyard

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

-Fred Rogers

We all know how important play is for children. We also know that creating a space that is safe, secure, and kid friendly is just as important. Take the time to treat your backyard just like another room in your house and make it so that you don’t have to worry about the kids playing in it. Here are five ways to set up a kid friendly backyard:


  1. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Taking the time to get to know your neighbors will put you at ease when letting your kids play outside. Kids can be very vocal during play time, especially when their friends are over, so you want to make sure your neighbors are okay with hearing a little backyard noise occasionally. Additionally creating a sense of community for children with your neighbors will allow them to want to spend more time outdoors.

  1. Establish Ground Rules

Having a fenced-in backyard provides your children with boundaries for playing outside, and establishing ground rules within that boundary is important for developing trust. Teaching them safety rules and giving them the opportunity to have their own space will give kids the time they need to play and exert energy, while you don’t have to constantly be supervising. This freedom will make children feel responsible and independent so that they understand the importance of following rules.

  1. Accept the Mess

If your kids play outside chances are they are going to end up sweaty and dirty, and they need to know this is okay. Teach them to have fun with what they’re doing, and how to clean up after themselves as well. A set of “play clothes” is perfect to help teach your kids that mess should be limited to one setting.

  1. Provide Fun Outdoor Options

Don’t expect to just send your kids to play outside with nothing to play with. It’s important to provide elements that encourage outdoor play. Think about what aspects you already have and which details you would like to add. Examples of fun outdoor elements for your kids can include:

  • Play house
  • Swing
  • Sand box
  • Sprinkler/ Kiddie Pool
  • Art Easel/ Chalk Board
  • Kid’s Garden
  • Bubbles
  • Backyard Toys


  1. Create a Kid Friendly Space

You may want to spruce up your yard to make it more fun. Clear away any overgrown brush and keep the yard mowed to ensure a harmless environment. You can also make your backyard a kid friendly space by making sure it provides proper safety. Investing in a custom fence is the best way make sure your kids playing remains private. Vinyl privacy fences will help you feel more comfortable leaving your children to be outside without others seeing them.


Mister Rogers got it right when he said that play is work of childhood and we couldn’t agree more. Best Fence of Jacksonville wants to make sure your backyard remains kid friendly for the future. Choose a custom fence that will help you incorporate elements that will make your kids want to go outside and play. Call us today at 904-268-1638 to receive a free consultation for the perfect fence for you and your family!


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