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Fences and Neighbors; Keeping the Peace

It’s been joked about, it’s been portrayed in movies, it may even be a reality in your life; the constant struggle of keeping the peace between you and your neighbors about the placement or maintenance of fences. It doesn’t have to be a pain in your side if you follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Get the regulations right. It’s rare that a neighbor will complain about a fence that you have installed being too high, but it happens! Neighbors are more likely to complain about where your fence is installed or trees from your property dropping debris onto your neighbors property. Luckily, Best Fence will ensure that your new fence meets all the fencing laws established by local ordinances.
  2. Maintaining the fence. If you are hoping to get a boundary fence installed on the boundary line between two properties, that means you must share the responsibility of maintaining the fence with your neighbor. That means you must be courteous to your neighbor and not let the weeds get out of control or let the fence get damaged in any way.
  3. Problems with a neighbor’s fence. Believe it or not, there are such things as “spite fences”, where a neighbor will intentionally build an unsightly fence to annoy you. There are cases where a neighbor’s fence is just plain ugly and you might wonder if it is up to code with the local ordinances. Step 1: Talk to your neighbor first, see if there is a peaceful solution to your problem. Step 2: If step 1 fails, there are many laws surrounding good fence practices, you could always find a legal solution to your fencing troubles. Either way, Best Fence will ensure that your new fence doesn’t give your neighbor a reason to complain.

As Robert Frost once said, “Good fences make good neighbors”, meaning if your fence is up to the right standards, looks good and doesn’t give your neighbor a reason to complain, you won’t have to worry too much about these issues. Best Fence is here to give you peace of mind when it comes to your fence and your neighbors. Call today! 904-268-1638


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