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Fences to Provide Privacy

As we all spend more time at home, we also want more privacy for the time we are outside.  If you want added privacy and don’t want other critters or people to notice that your yard is easily accessible, they may be discouraged from attempting to enter. Here are some tips to help improve your outdoor home.

Tall fence

Having a tall fence may make it more challenging to get onto your property. Be sure to install a fence that cannot be easily broken or manipulated open and high enough to discourage anyone. Vinyl’s smooth surface may make it difficult to climb and is durable and resistant under strong pressure. Aluminum fencing provides options for ornamental décor.  You can also boost your fences with sharp fence caps. Having a fence also provides a level of privacy for your home.

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Gates and Locks

Proper gates and locks provide limited entry and exit points onto your property for people to go in and out. Add a gate to your yard or an entry gate onto your property so others may not easily walk onto your property unnoticed. You also want a lock or latch that self closes or requires two actions to open. Not only is this a deterrence to enter your home but it also makes it more difficult for young children to open the fence and wander off unsupervised.

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Yard Lighting

Yard lighting is an easy and relatively cheap addition to your yard that can be used for security with the added benefit of home beautification. Sensor lights are one popular affordable option and excellent deterrents for potential burglars. A well-lit yard makes it easier for you to see the outside of your home at night and alerts you to movement around your property. Place lights in your garden, deck, patio and near your home or backyard’s entry points.

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