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How to Maintain Style and Meet Florida Pool Safety Requirements

When it comes to residential and commercial swimming pools there are many regulations and building requirements to follow. Especially in Florida, not maintaining the requirements for a pool enclosure can result in your building project not being approved or potential legal action if an accident were to occur. However, with a pool enclosure you don’t want to sacrifice style for mandatory safety. There is a way to have a fence that is both decorative and functional.

Material selection for your pool fence is important to consider. It affects how your fence looks and determines its effectiveness and longevity. A couple of material options for pool fencing are vinyl and aluminum. Both these materials are quite popular for their durability and trendy look. Vinyl lasts much longer than wood. It won’t crack or peel and requires less expensive maintenance. It’s strong, yet flexible build is great for kids and pets as well. Aluminum is incredibly strong and can last for years unlike other past traditional fencing materials. Plus, it can really enhance your pool’s landscape with it’s ability for more embellished design.

Fencing is used to restrict access to your property. When designing your pool fence keep in mind which family, friends, or customers you will have around. Young children are cleverer than you think and can find ways to access pools with weak or easy to reach lock systems. If you have pets, or other wild critters around, you want to make sure they can’t wander into your pool or dig under your fence. It’s important to ensure your fence is built correctly and installed properly. Hire a professional fencing company to make sure the job is done right and meet not only legal but personal requirements.

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