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Ideas to Transform Your Backyard into the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

Focus on Florals

While adding outdoor furniture and décor can really spruce up your backyard space it’s easy to overdo it and quickly clutter up your space. If you live in a naturally wooded or flower filled area your backyard can be the perfect space to showcase all that natural beauty. Add your desired florals and shrubbery for a nice pop of color or add some foliage to create some natural shade. Well-manicured greenery can bring beautiful smells and visuals to your backyard which provides a great place to slow down, relax and connect with nature. Even building a backyard garden provides great visuals to boost your backyard. Just make sure you protect your favorite fruit and vegetables from unwanted critters. An aluminum dog fence is perfect for helping to keep pets and unwelcome pests from destroying all your hard work.

Add a Custom Fence

Adding a fence is a great way to enclose your property and give you and your family some privacy. Vinyl and Aluminum fencing not only improves the look of your backyard, but can boost the value to your home as well. At Best Fence we can build custom fences to specifically match your desired aesthetic for your backyard oasis. You can have a beautiful maintenance free fence for your home that will last for years to come! Having a designated closed off area in the backyard can make a home feel more complete and provides a nice area to host your family and friends.

Add a swimming pool or deck

Having an in-ground swimming pool is almost a must for residents in Florida. Not only does it provide a fun and relaxing way to cool off, especially during the summer, but it is a great way to showcase your backyard. Add some cool lights or updated seating around your pool to further illuminate your backyard and showcase your style. If you add a pool, make sure your pool fence or gate meets every county inspectors and homeowner association requirements to ensure it passes inspection. Another option is to build a deck out back which also provides plenty of opportunities to add an element of entertainment like a fire pit surrounded by hammocks, lounge chairs and other cozy seating. If you have a raised deck be sure to add a level of protection to your deck or stairs with a custom railing or handrails.



Build an outdoor bar

For a more stylish way to enjoy the outdoors, build an outdoor bar. An outdoor bar is a great space to entertain guests and lets you add another design element to further solidify your desired vibe for your backyard. Add pops of fun with bold colors and patterned tile choices or keep it minimalistic with muted colors and simple countertop pieces. For a summery, romantic look hang string lights to really set the mood as you enjoy the fresh air and unwind with a delectable cocktail.

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