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Keep Your Lawn Green All Summer Long

Despite the long hours you may spend caring for and maintaining the beautiful green color of your lawn, once summer hits, it turns into an unattractive, brown crunchy mess. Not only do you have to worry about your thirsty turf, but the dry summer season is teaming with unwanted critters that seem determined to tear through your lawn. To keep your lawn luscious and green so you and your family can enjoy playing and relaxing outside all summer long, try following these helpful lawn care techniques.

Mow High

Taller blades provide shade for the soil, so it doesn’t lose moisture as quickly which helps your grass develop a stronger, deeper root system and use less water. Cutting your grass too short only results in your grass needing even more water to recover. Adjust your mower blades to leave the grass about 3 inches high. Also make sure your mower is in good shape before you cut the grass. Dull mower blades will tear not cut your lawn, leaving brown tips on the grass blades.

Water Less, But Smarter

Watering your lawn every day or even every other day will prevent the grass blades from developing deep roots which means more watering will be needed. Watering deeply is key. Only water your lawn once or twice a week but for longer periods of time to allow deeper penetration of the soil. One to one-and-a-half inches of water a week is recommended by landscaping experts. Also, water early in the day or late at night so the soil can have time to soak it all up before it evaporates. Following these tips means you’ll be conserving water and lowering your bill as well! Also make sure your lawn is getting the correct amount of water. South facing areas dry out faster than north facing areas and shaded areas don’t need to be watered as often. Slopped areas need to be watered more often but with less time to prevent runoff.

Apply Fertilizer

Landscapers recommend laying fertilizer down about every six weeks. Make sure fertilizer is distributed evenly and shrewdly. Too much fertilizer can make your turf brown and cause it to grow too fast. I don’t know about you, but the less mowing in the hot sun the better. If you have pets or children that spend time outside in the yard, you may want to consider using a natural or pet-safe fertilizer to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. Using a mulching mower also helps to naturally fertilize the lawn by recycling nutrients from the grass clippings back into the soil.



Protect your yard with a fence

Having a quality fence around your yard can help prevent pesky critters or unwanted company from ruining the area. Our 4-rail puppy picket fence has 4 horizontal rails with additional vertical rails near the bottom to keep your pet in and invasive critters that can wreck your lawn. Our vinyl fencing can be designed with your desired privacy level and is super low maintenance and will last for years to come. That way you can spend more time maintaining your healthy, green lawn and less time fixing a faded or cracked fence.

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