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Lawn and Order: What You Need to Know About Fences and Your Lawn

Your lawn is the cornerstone of your backyard. You work hard all year long to make sure it looks great. Putting a fence in to surround your lawn can make it look that much better, but you have to be careful. Different fences can affect lawns in different ways. If the fence is blocking the sunlight, your lawn is going to suffer.

If you chose an aluminum fence from Best Fence, you most likely won’t have an issue with sun blockage to your lawn. The openness of the aluminum fence will provide plenty of sun exposure, creating a healthy and happy lawn.

If you want more privacy for your yard and choose the privacy vinyl fencing, see if the fence would block the sun on some of your grass. If enough light is blocked from the grass it will not be as healthy as the rest of the yard. A solution that could help with this unhealthy grass would be to decorate that area with other plants that do not need a ton of sunlight or a rock garden.

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Choosing the best fence for your Lawn won’t be hard if you call Best Fence and have one of our professionals come out and assess your yard. They can even bring samples if requested. Call today (904) 268-1638 or go online to schedule your FREE estimate.

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