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Repair or Replace?

How do you know when it is time to replace your fence? In the short term, repairing your fence is cheaper than completely replacing it but if it keeps needing repairs it might be time to replace it.

Wood fences can often be repaired, but there are many cases in which they should be replaced. Below are just a few cases in which it’s probably time to replace your wood fence.

  • Damage from a storm or accident
    • If your fence is severely damaged, it may be easier and more cost efficient to replace it than to try to salvage what is left.
  • Holes in the wood
    • Holes in the wooden planks on your fence are usually caused by insects and are an indicator of worse things to come. By the time you notice the holes, the damage on the inside of the wood will most likely require replacement.
  • Split boards
    • While it may seem minor, split boards can be a sign of greater structural weakness.
  • Staining
    • Unlike our high quality vinyl and aluminum fencing which can be cleaned, staining on wood fencing cannot easily be removed and can be a sign of rotting or molding. This is common in areas with a large amount of moisture such as Jacksonville. Another reason that all of our fencing goes through stringent testing specific to our local climate.
  • Leaning
    • If your fence is leaning it is probably due to rotting of the posts and will require replacement.

Vinyl fences are virtually maintenance free. The biggest issue you might face with your vinyl fence is cracking from extreme circumstances. This can happen if say a tree falls on your fence during a severe storm for instance. The best option when you see a crack is to replace the affected section of vinyl fence. At Best Fence Jacksonville, we offer many different styles and colors to match your pre-existing fence.

Aluminum fences are high-quality and very durable. With all fences, accidents can happen over time that damage your aluminum fence. Most repairs to an aluminum fence require a welder, so it is much easier to get that section of fence replaced. At Best Fence Jacksonville, we offer different colors and styles of aluminum fences as well as ornamental extras that can be replaced.

If you’re tired of repairing your outdated fence and want a durable, beautiful, maintenance-free fence. Call us today at 904-268-1638 and see what Best Fence Jacksonville can do for your home!


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