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Things to Know Before You Fence

In this digital dominated age and with significant improvements in building technology it’s easier to have a house that is perfect for your needs and looks appealing to others. Adding fencing around your property is a functional yet stylish way to boost curb appeal and raise your property’s value. While fences can improve your homes function and display your personal style, it’s still an important investment in your home. It takes careful planning and the right preparation. There are several things you need to know before you build a fence.

What’s Your “Why”?

Why do you need a fence? Is it to keep a pet or children in the yard? Keep unwanted guests out or increase privacy? You may need something tall and solid but also stylish. Or you may need a fresh white picket fence to mark property lines. Whatever its purpose, a fence can function in many ways. However, you first need to know why you want the fence so you can choose the right style that works best for you.

Choose Your Materials

Once you know why you want a fence you can better decide on the materials needed for your project. Wood or chain link fencing may not be the best materials since they require a lot of expensive and time-consuming maintenance and can be easily cut or manipulated open. Aluminum fencing is stronger, sturdier and adds an elegant look to your property. Vinyl fencing comes in several colors and decorative styles, such as multi-grain wood. Plus, both materials are long-lasting, low maintenance and can save you money over time.

Know Your Codes

When building a fence, it’s important to take note of any housing association or state laws that may dictate the height, color, and style of your fence. If you are building a pool fence there are certain building requirements and codes that need to be followed. Do your research and find a company or contractor that knows these rules and can properly install your fencing.

Hire the right Pros

As much as you think you may know about DIY home projects it’s important to hire a fencing company to do the work for you. Hiring an approved professional to install your fence better ensures you get the right materials and proper installation the first time. Make sure you look at examples of fences they may have previously installed and can provide you with a reasonable quote.



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