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Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

School just let out for summer, but you may already be overwhelmed with having all the kids back in the house. Families can’t always afford daycare or summer camps and those who can eventually have your kids sent back to you a couple weeks before school starts. Finding ways to keep your kids entertained all summer long can be a daunting task. Video games and cell phones can only keep them occupied for so long before they get into trouble. Instead of “vegging out” on the couch all summer or saying “don’t make me come up there!” here are some fun activities you and your kids can do in the comfort of your own home to keep them (and your sanity) in check!


Outdoor Movie Theater

This is a classic outdoor summer activity! With the ever-growing prices on theater snacks and movie tickets the backyard movie theater is the way to go. Especially with today’s technology of cell phones and portable projectors having a DIY outdoor theater is easier than ever. Hang a large white sheet, pop some popcorn, grab your fav candy from the dollar store, set up your favorite chair with some fuzzy blankets and enjoy the show!



Do a Trending Challenge

There’s always some big internet challenge trending with kids and teens today. The news only seems to report the dangerous ones but there are many silly and harmless challenges you can do as a family. Do your own research or watch a few of your child’s favorite YouTubers with them to get some ideas. Learn a dance challenge, record yourself playing a funny game like the “try not to laugh challenge”, or do a blindfolded guessing food challenge. Record it to have a fun memory or share it on your kid’s favorite app for others to see. Not only can you bond more with your child over the latest trends, but you can also have a better understanding of what’s on the internet today and monitor their activity without seeming “over-protective”.


Outdoor Olympics

We’re still a year away from the next summer Olympics but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch your own. Have everyone in the family make up an event and choose judges to rate how you do on a scale of 1-10. Set up obstacle courses in the backyard, choreograph your own “floor routine” to your favorite song, have a contest or other fun pool games, or see who can “shot-put” the football the farthest. This gives an opportunity for kids to get creative and stay active. You can even make the “games” last several days like the real Olympics with different events each day. Don’t forget to make or buy medals for the winners!  And don’t try anything without making sure it is safe for children of all ages.

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